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The smartest way to build your application

Full-Scale Project Development and Implementation


State-of-the-art applications for Fortune 500 Companies

Complete Back-End and Front-End Development Capabilities

Capitalizing on a Series of the Most Advanced Technologies

Providing a Full Suite of IoT Solutions

Our Story

Canyon Technologies is an exciting and talented bunch of people who thrive in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. We succeed at developing innovative software solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Our experienced team utilizes various technologies to build highly scalable platforms. We specialize in Web Development, Mobile Development and Cloud Computing.

Our Vision

As we strive to develop the smartest applications and platforms for our customers worldwide, we are building exciting future for companies that want to achieve their greatest business ambitions. We are committed to the partnerships we make and aim at making the world of data more efficient and reliable with the technology we enable.

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We help Fortune 500 companies virtualize and automate their daily data center activities from conceptualizing their applications to publishing. We provide state-of-the-art software with complete back-end and front-end development capabilities using such technologies as Micro-services Architecture, Java/Spring, RDBMS, NoSQL, Node JS, ReactJS/Redux, iOS, Android, Windows , DevOps, AWS and many more. 

Who are we

How It Works




Our Project Management Methodology has proven to be the most cost-effective in the market. Our teams has mastered the use of Agile as well as the more traditional waterfall methodologies. We have seen our clients benefit from Agile in a number of ways: 


  • Increase project time/cost efficiency

  • Divide deliverables into sprints 

  • Work more cohesively as a cross-functional unit combining engineering, design, and product teams

  • Better resource utilization


Our development teams are able to instantly react to changing requirements.


Real-time project monitoring is a great way for for client teams to make tweaks and changes on the fly. 


Canyon Technologies engages with data driven companies in various ways. We are flexible and meticulous in our approach and pay close attention to every little detail that could be crucial for our clients success. 

Our In-House Development-Project Managers work hand-in-hand with our clients' product teams.
On Premise Development team will works at your location to align and coordinate real-time daily activities. We analyze requirements, recommend the most effective technologies to be used, lead development, conduct thorough testing, and deploy reliable solutions.

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How it works

Our Solutions


Canyon Technologies solutions are cater to your specific needs. We:


  • Deliver software products increase data center effectiveness and dependability.

  • Bring our client's web and legacy based business systems on a new level.

  • Possess the knowledge to create cutting-edge information technology solutions that support our client's need for reliable IT applications

  • Provide a diverse blend of consulting services, proprietary development platforms and vertical applications to enhance the power and flexibility of Internet technologies 

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Tel: 925-785-1944

795 Winterside Circle

San Ramon, CA 94583

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