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Our Development


From Conceptualizing To Implementation

Our development process starts with detailed requirement gathering and understanding the product requirements. As part of the agile process, we regularly show the development progress

by demos, gather feedback, make changes and testing.


From the customer and product requirements, we architect a solution, defining high level systems, databases, process interactions, call flows, any security needs, networking requirements

and anything else that may impact development. At this point high level components will be clear including if Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka/RabbitMQ, etc. would be needed.


Once the architecture is agreed upon, our development team and DevOps team will work on detailed design. Our Test team will work on a test plan covering all aspects of the product features, performance and regression testing and automation.

WIth the detailed design completed, our development work starts with a two week sprint which takes about two weeks. Normally, we

have three environments: Development, Q&A and Production.

We use Confluence, Jira and one of the Git systems such as: GitLab, BitBucket or similar.

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