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ESL Systems

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In high level, Canyon Technologies can develop the application server. The features outlined above. The features can be modified, removed or add new depending on the customer requirements.

1. The application server shall obtain article pricing, price validity period and any other related information from store systems or uploadable file format, such as CSV. There can be a web interface to upload files. This module can be adaptable for various customer scenarios.

2. Label Engine module shall -

     a. Templating: generate templates for various size displays (2.9”, 5.65” etc.).

     b. Compose: compose article details to be displayed

     c. Imaging: create tag images for each article from composed article in 2.b

3. Repository Module (Database)

     a. Store articles gathered in 1

     b. Store images created in 2c for each article

     c. Store Coordinator and tag details

     d. Provision and maintain article, label (image) and tag mapping

4. Business Logic Module

     a. This module shall control publishing final image to the tags.

     b. The publishing logic can be scheduled or manual

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