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Our Expertise

   System Design & Development

  • Microservices architecture

  • Cloud, Hybrid or on site deployments based on need

  • Software: Java, Node JS/React JS, python, Django

  • Geo redundancy

  • High Availability

Software and System Architecture

Design & Development


Mobile Applications

Internet of Things

   Mobile Apps

  • Android, iOS, Windows

  • Sensors

    • Hardware design

    • Software development in C/C++


 Internet of Things

  • IoT connectivities - WiFi, BLE, NBIOT, Lora, ZigBee

  • MQTT ecosystem

  • Bridge to web services


Web Application


   Web Application Development

  • Java Spring 

  • JavaScript:

       Node JS, React JS / React Native

  • Python / Django 





  • RDBMS - Oracle, MySQL

  • noSQL - MongoDB and similar

  • ETL

  • Caching and performance tuning



  • Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

  • Jenkins, Gitlab, Atlasean and similar tools for integration

  • Docker container based

  • Kubernetes for orchestration


Device Porting

Hardware Bring-Up

   Device Porting / Hardware

  • Complete BSP bringup ability on ARM, MIBS and X86 platforms.

  • Bringup Uboot, barebox and BBL.

  • Migration of kernel BSP for new custom board and DTB support.

  • Capability to develop PCIe, Ethernet, I2C, SPI, SDIO, USB and Wifi driver stack.

  • Strong understanding on Linux storage and networking stack.

  • Ability to migrate different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, yocto, buildroot and openWRT.

  • Strong understanding of developing distributed application stack.


Test Automation

Systems Testing

   Automation / Testing

  • Test Automation - Python, Perl and Linux scripting

  • Layer 2/ Layer 3 testing

  • Radio and Antenna - MIMO etc

  • Network Management Systems

  • System Performance

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